Journal publications

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2018 A Value-Driven Eldercare Robot: Virtual and Physical Instantiations of a Case-Supported Principle-Based Behavior Paradigm
Proceedings of the IEEE
Michael Anderson, Susan Leigh Anderson, Vincent Berenz
2018 Playful: Reactive Programming for Orchestrating Robot Behavior
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine
Vincent Berenz, Stefan Schaal.
2018 Real-time Perception meets Reactive Motion Generation
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Daniel Kappler, Franziska Meier, Jan Issac, Jim Mainprice, Cristina Garcia Cifuentes, Manuel Wuthrich, Vincent Berenz, Stefan Schaal, Nathan Ratliff and Jeannette Bohg.
2015 Sensory Synergy as Environmental Input Integration
Frontiers in Neuroscience
Alnajjar, F., Itkonen, M., Berenz, V., Tournier, M., Nagai, C., Shimoda, S.
2014 Targets-Drives-Means: A declarative approach to dynamic behavior specification with higher usability
Robotics And Autonomous Systems
Vincent Berenz, Kenji Suzuki
2012 Emotionally Assisted Human-Robot Interaction Using a Wearable Device for Reading Facial Expressions
Advanced Robotics
Gruebler Anna, Vincent Berenz, Kenji Suzuki
2011 Autonomous battery management for mobile robots based on risk and gain assessment
Artificial Intelligence Review
Vincent Berenz, Fumihide Tanaka, Kenji Suzuki